Hello there farmers!
Farming Simulator 17 releases in just over two weeks, and we’re continuing our series of dev blogs to give you some insight into the exciting new features coming to this latest entry. Last time, we talked about vehicle customization – now, we’re here to tell you all about mods!
Here at Giants Software, we consider modding to be an intrinsic part of the Farming Simulator experience. That’s why, in Farming Simulator 17, we’ve set up an extensive, organized system for implementing mods into the game – there’s now far greater mod support than any other entry in the series!
It won’t just be PC players who will have the chance to enjoy the replayability that mods bring. In a series first, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have comprehensive support for modding in Farming Simulator 17!
Mod Hub
The Mod Hub is central to the Farming Simulator 17 modding experience for players. From the integrated Mod Hub, you can browse all currently available mods, separated into categories (Tractors, Harvesters, Maps, Objects, etc). There’s also the option to take a look at the recently added, most downloaded and top-rated mods.
After entering a mod category, you can view all mods of that type. Once you’ve selected a specific mod, you can view its description, rating, screenshots, and the option to download it for yourself! Mods can be rated on our official website.

More info and pictures here

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