Sutton Farms V 1.0


Sutton Farms V 1.0
Sutton Farms is an arable farm located in Lincolnshire, UK

Sell all crops and bales at the farm shop.
Grain store point in the yard, Crops marked in the sheds.
Store potatoes in the shed next to the work shop.
Store Sugar Beet with the Heap Tip Trigger mod.

Remove all crops with a loader/bucket from store points.
Fuel, Seed, Fert and Seed refill points are in the farm yard.
Chopped Straw Mod
Map Animation Trigger needed.
I created this map for myself, I personally prefer large British arable maps. As this was created for my own personal preference the map may not be enjoyed by everyone.
Map created by Chris_7710.

Credits: Chris_7710

NI Modding




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