About Us

Why ls2015.info?
We proud ourselves to offer for all our visitors the following:

+ all new ls15 mods daily (we add the newest mods everyday for you , so you can enjoy Farming Simulator , and have a great game experience using the modifications for LS 2015. You have to visit us , a couple of times everyday to download the newest mods and increase you farming simulator experience.

+ free direct download for mods (all the mods are uploaded on our own high-speed dedicated servers. You don’t have to visit 3rd party networks such as MediaFire, Uploaded ,sharedmods,uploadas,uploadfiles etc to download mods. No more pop-ups, no more pop-unders, no paying for mods, no waiting time for downloading mods)

+ highest download speed connection (we use the best CDN(content delivery networks) to give you the the highest download speed connection for downloading mods.

+ You can post your LS 2015 mods on our website for free ( even if you have created LS 2015 mods you can add your modifications – http://ls2015.info/?page_id=343 for free.The process is very easy and once you finish to fill all the fields for the mod upload ,click on the SUBMIT button and your mod will be quickly reviewed by us and approved).

You want more?
+ We have over 1000 fans on Facebook

Even more?
+ We have a new forum where you can get help for your problems on LS 15 , you can post your mods wishes, and talk about Farming Simulator 15 and farming in real life . You can talk about everything you want.

Link – http://forum.ls2015.info/


I f you have any Problems,Issues ,Suggestions – please send us a message – using the Contact form.


Note: There are some mods that are not hosted with us due to copyright .We are sorry for that.

We want to fix this issue but establishing a partnership with all modders.

Happy farming Everyone!