Upload mods contest – win FS 15 / 17 License

Upload mods contest – win FS 15 / 17 License
Hello there. We have decided to make a contest for the best uploader of mods here on our website ls2015.info
So the winner will be the the uploader who upload best mods and also the highest number of mods in a month.
Important: The minimum number of uploaded mods must be 100,to win the prize in case that all the mods are correctly uploaded and are great mods.
He can choose between a Farming Simulator 15 License, that will receive it after the upload contest is ready, or a Farming Simulator 17 License when it will be for sell, at the end of october month. After that, when the uploader receive the prize, he must continue to upload mods, and all the members or guest who want to upload can do it, so there will be another prizes monthly.

You can start uploading mods by clicking on the menu button – Add modification.
Be sure you respect all the uploading rules writed there.

We wish you good luck, and more uploaded mods!